The Retreat

Engaged Yoga Retreat Teachers
Provisional Daily Schedule


06:00 Sunrise
Awaken the body and clear the mind
We greet the break of day with movement practices and traditional cleansing practices of nagas, kriyas and appropriate modalities of movement

08:00 Am Break

09:00 Morning session
Awaken the body 
Daily practices of asana and breath

12:00 Brunch & Free time

15:00 Deepen the inquiry
Techniques to deepen your yoga practice including but not exclusively, philosophy, pranayama, mantra and meditation

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Restoration
An opportunity to raise questions, share ceremonies and chants with our community and find restoration in yogic sleep

22:00 Free time & Bed


About the Retreat

The following topics will be explored in depth on the 8 day (7 nights) immersion retreat, and in some detail on the 5 day (4 nights) immersion retreat:

  • Physical practice – Yoga asana, kriyas, yoga for rehabilitation, plus the mighty nagas and ttandava (spontaneous dance movement) all tailored to suit your individual strengths and developmental edges
  • Breath – Know your energy body and find energy for life and love
  • Pranayama – Dissolve into the seamless freedom of the breath
  • Emotional Yoga - The psychology and psychotherapy of yoga
  • Yoga Tantra - The philosophy and science of tantra
  • Neuroscience & Meditation - Understanding the latest scientific findings and how to apply them to your meditation practice 
  • Evolutionary Biology, Anatomy & Physiology - Understanding how the evolution of the body effects our development, our anatomy & our physiology
  • Yoga Nidra - The powerful and transformational practices of yogic sleep
  • Meditation – Developing an integral meditation practice
  • Mantra, Chant and Kundalini – Using practices of vibration to understand the cosmos from the inside
  • Yoga of Relationships – With ourselves, our lovers, our environment and our planet
  • Dharma – Why are you here? What are you doing with your life? What do you need in terms of empowerment?
  • Ceremony – Find your place in the relational dance of ceremony. These empowering events are methods for you to step deeper into your power
  • Integration – How to translate concepts of bliss, freedom, power and love into our daily lives